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Was 2 for 2, Should Have Been 5 for 5 in my NFL Predictions

November 29, 2016

It is my “fault” for not posting two “winners” in time. Additionally two more were not posted at all.

The so called “system” games (“What is this “system” “Little Emanuel,” played brilliantly by Rafael  Campos, asked on the great show, “All in the Family”) where one “takes” a previous week’s “loser” in the game and vs the point spread, as an underdog vs an opponent that won the previous week both in the game and vs the spread and is the favorite, clicked in all 4 cases, none specifically cited by me, on time.

Yes, in trying to avoid the “slings and arrows” of pain this type of thing can cause, I did not do my homework and opportunity, in this case being right in cyberspace, passed by, yet again.

I put up the fact that SF (at Miami) and “Jax” (at Buffalo) were system games, with the underdog team already ahead by a touchdown. Each team would be outscored by two touchdowns the rest of the game, thus lose by 7 points, but cover the spread.

I did predict Tampa Bay to cover vs Seattle and KC in a field goal game either way to do the same at Denver.

In the latter, while ‘suffering” the “slings/arrows” of a Denver late touchdown that had them ahead by 8 (by the way did non stop talking Collinsworth ever cite that maybe Denver receiver and touchdown maker Em Sanders should have fallen down at say the KC 5, to make victory more probable. I did not listen but did see he and Tirico “yukking” it up” as overtime approached. They knew the General Electric? coffers would fill), I more or less hit the game on the head. (Big deal, though somewhat impressive.)

Two I did not cite, one a “system” game as Jets bettors, though their hearts were in their throats as NE back, LeGarrette Blount raced free, before going out of bounds, assuring a Jets’ cover in a game, in which they played well in straight up defeat, vs the Patriots.

The other I realized too late, sets up a “Pooh and the Gang” “CELEBRATION,” a brilliant quip on the “Kool & The Gang” hit song, “Celebration.” ( the quip works if you know I call Jim Nantz, “Pooh.”)

CBS and Nantz/”Pooh” get a revitalized “GB” Packers team hosting Houston, a Nantz favorite city. Thus G.B. plus 4 and “a slice” should have been a selection.



Click below to view “Kool & The Gang” perform “Celebration.”

Kool & The Gang – Celebration

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