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It Is The Story Of A Classy Lady, It Is The Story Of (Do Not Know)

November 26, 2016

Yesterday, a Friday, “we” continued to stray from those Friday nights with “It’s the story of a lovely lady” as Florence Henderson, a truly talented, beautiful, personable performer, best known as “Carol Brady,” on the television show, “The Brady Bunch,” died at age 82.

Later, news came that Fidel Castro, as with Donald Trump and Harry Truman, an upset “winner,” to head a country, had died at age 90.

Linked in history to John F. Kennedy, Mr. Castro adored by some, reviled by others, also died on a Friday.

Unlike the united States President, the Cuban leader died of natural causes, outliving Mr. Kennedy by 44 years.

“Double 4’s” seem operative, as this country, with its relative good, has endured the violent death of 4 Presidents and now for  a fourth time a MAN (still never a woman, nor a Jewish person as President) has ascended to the presidency, despite getting LESS votes, than the major opposition candidate.

“We” may not be coming out of the hills in violent revolution vs a standing, albeit corrupt government as Mr. Castro and his supporters did as 1959 dawned, but those double “fours” of negative, do not hold this society as any great beacon of light either.



Cuba is beautiful. no need to call “over the rainbow” to reach Judy Garland, as I know why other things, specifically the way many human beings treat each other, are NOT.

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