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Hillary Clinton Winning Was Some “Lock” So Often Wrong But Seemingly Always Benefiting Francesa

November 18, 2016

On the day of the presidential election, WFAN radio’s Mike Francesa stated that Hillary Clinton was a “lock” (i.e. absolutely certain to win).

Oh, for that one flight coming in from Mars that had no communication with the earth, she did NOT win!

I am severely punished for standing up for a belief that Mike Francesa, as with all the sports talk show hosts, is not worth my time and hence do not listen.

Ah, but long ago, I realized “God” would let me win a few “coins of the realm,” by listening/enduring the most arrogant Francesa, and wager vs his predictions, especially his “locks.” Small consolation, but I am fond of eating.

The fact I did not do so, and won nothing as consolation for a candidate, the antithesis of my beliefs, gaining the presidency, is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Does not that violate the United States Constitution’s 8th amendment?

Alas let’s hope that “violation” is not a portent of very real violations that so many people fear based on some of Mr. Trump’s campaign words.




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