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Amazing Carson Show/Cubs Coincidence Part 1

November 16, 2016

There will be no editorial comments in this post, subtle or extreme.

I will however, brag (I would rather be recognized and compensated commensurate with my ability) that few, if any picked up what transpired via a Johnny Carson Tonight Show, that aired last night on Antenna TV.

The original air date was November 4, 1988, as I ascertained, barely able to turn my face toward the light of the television, nearly asleep, as the show began.

My “gift” (it and the $2.75 fare will get me on the NYC subway/bus system) is knowing what day of the week that was (not right away, I am not a savant, though somewhat close in some areas and it is not really a good thing).

It was a Friday, the same calendar as this year, a scant 4 days from the presidential election.

In Mr. Carson’s monologue (he was so brilliant and things often repeat, that most of his jokes remain funny and timely, but this was a bit much!) with eventual winner and that time’s vice president George Bush well ahead of rival candidate, Governor Michael Dukakis, Johnny said the following. I paraphrase very accurately next.

“Did you see the Today Show today,” the great one asked. “They spent 20 minutes speculating on members of  a Dukakis cabinet.”

John continued, “that’s like trying to figure out the Cubs’ starting lineup in the next World Series.”

Another wise man often said, “that could be two posts.” The advice applies here. There is more and it is I believe, an amazing coincidence.

Did someone say there are no coincidences? I wonder.



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