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Facing Time

November 14, 2016

I visited an old friend in a nursing home, spent over four hours with him and on the day, saw maybe 6 plays in the NFL.

This gives me a great deal of pride.

However, in addition to the overall sadness filling the room which we did a decent job of overcoming, the fact I messed with time, could not be hidden.

Surely it “trumped’ (remember to the victor, goes the thesaurus) what each of felt were horrible election results, as he bravely faces a lack of mobility and I know the time wasted, likely will haunt me for all time.

Yet armed with two coincidences, a determination to help the friend visited and another facing other issues, and the fact both an elderly lady/stranger and I took a “leap of faith” (not recommended to pick up a stranger, but there she stood at the end of the driveway of home, darkness evident, needing and asking for a ride to the bus) she getting into my car, me allowing it (one time only), I will keep going.



There is a woman I know who fervently believes the faith she has will make things right (I could invoke a pun, but will not).

One reason not to, other than respect for people’s opinions and beliefs even if they differ greatly from one’s own, is that I am not all that far from that mind set.

Yet I must remind all, I do not believe life to be a “Perry Mason” episode (she loves that show and I truly like it) where all is made right at the end.

However, with faith and I believe more important kindness, we can/must try. (Anyone remember one Superman saying that to the other, when there were two, each with not enough “super power” to assure justice.)






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