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5 Of 5 New York Market “Overs”

November 8, 2016

Perhaps, it helps to cite it, thus I will.

Five NFL games were transmitted via television into the New York market last week and all five were games in which the total points exceeded the perception.

In other words, 5 for 5 overs, bettors like overs, I once loved overs and now “suffer” when they come in.

Both New York teams playing simultaneously which was almost unprecedented in say 30 or more years, not sure but close, were involved in overs.

“Against” each other, why not 2 overs?!

They “slowed down” in the second half, but the Colts/Packers was an over, ditto Oakland/Denver and finally Seattle/Buffalo.

Ah, but I know I did not get started with it and also know not watching the games cost me. Still, I am glad I did not watch.



The above also applies to my complaining about it. Sorry!

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