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Game 7 finals Notes

November 6, 2016

Starting with the St. Louis Cardinals home win vs the Milwaukee Brewers in game 7 of the 1982 World Series, the home team prevailed in 18 consecutive “winner take all/game 7 of a final in the NBA, NHL and major league baseball over a period of approximately 26 and two thirds years.

However, since the streak, which I pointed out as “Lucky 7’s” on my cable television show in late June 1988 after the Lakers became the 7th such winner, ended with the Pittsburgh Penguins win at Detroit in the 2009 Stanley Cup finals, the home./road results have taken a fairly sharp “road” turn.

Starting with the Maxime Talbot led Pens’ Cup winner in #7 at Detroit in ’09 (the Pens won another title this season, their 4th, all clinched on the road and it was sandwiched in between Sunday road title clinchers by the Royals in the 2015 W.S. and the Cavaliers a week later in the NBA finals. The Indians had a chance for another, which surely would have been a record, 3 probably was, but the top heavy favorite Cubs won game 5 at home and never trailed, though scared, when Raj Davis’ 2RHR tied game 7, in winning two games and the title in Cleveland) the road team has prevailed in 5 of the 8 “ultimate” games.

For the record, the Boston Bruins made it two straight game 7/finals wins for the road team, both NHL, in 2011.

The NHL had 6 straight home team wins in game 7 of the finals after Montreal won at Chicago in 1971.

After that Bruins’ road win, the baseball Cardinals, the team that started the 18 game home win skein as cited above, in ’82, won #7 of the 2011 World Series at home. Next the Lakers (2010) and Miami Heat (2013) made it 6 straight for the home team in game 7 of the NBA title series.

However, the Giants became the first baseball team to win game 7 on the road since the ’79 Pirates, winning at Kansas City in 2014.

Before the Cubs win in number 7 World Series last week, having overcome a (3-1) series deficit which included two road wins vs a Cleveland team, a Cleveland team turned that trick, which included a road game 7 Cavs’ win, at record breaking Golden State.

Bottom line: the last 3 game 7’s for “all the marbles,” have been won by the road team and the road team has prevailed in the last two World Series and NHL finals game sevens and the most recent NBA final such game as well.




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