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Actual NFL Predictions

November 6, 2016

This week I will actually predict the five loser/loser/underdogs in the five such games involving them vs winners/winners/favorites (for the record, the unimpressive, she shows it during the puzzle segment each week, NPR host, Rachel Martin said “winner” as I typed it).

I will lead with the Browns plus 7 and change, Dallas 19 Cleveland 13.

Next the victims of a burn cover, Dallas bettors benefited with their overtime touchdown vs them, the Eagles, plus 2 and a half, as the Giants will figure out a way to not cover, maybe not win, as 2 and a half point favorites.

Also Jacksonville getting 7 plus points at K.C.

The Rams plus three vs Carolina.

A seemingly woeful 49ers team, plus 4 and a fraction points, vs the Saints.

Throw in the Jets, not a “system” pick, plus four at Miami.

Advice: Do not bet, if you do, bet small especially on my predictions. also likely these underdogs will likely get more points, so wait to make those small bets.

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