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Another Example Of One Continued And One Ended Regarding The 2016 World Series

November 4, 2016

I will get to Mike Hargrove’s agregious 11th inning/game 7, 1997 World Series decision tomorrow, I promise.

For now, enough venom and even tomorrow it will be an opinion citing facts and vicissitudes, nothing more.

Just as one negative would continue, the other cease, regarding the respective 108 year title drought of the Cubs and the 68 year one the Indians still have, another involving positive results had to have the same outcome, one continuing, the other ending.

As cited here, the winner of the 6 previous ALCS involving the Toronto Blue Jays had gone on to win the subsequent World series all six times. that ended as the Cubs won vs the ALCS winner vs Toronto, the Indians.

However, going in to the World Series, all 4 winners of a Chicago vs Los Angeles area semi-final had prevailed in their sports’ final round/game.

Now it is 5 for 5 with the Chicago win. By the way 4 of the 5 wins in that streak manifested in “Chi” titles, one each by the Cubs, White Sox, Bears and Blackhawks.



Where have you gone Brooks Robinson?!! You know the rest.

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