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Notes Correlating Cleveland Game 3 Pitchers With NFL Coaches That Were At Least In Games For The NFL Title

October 30, 2016

In their game 3 win, four Cleveland pitchers combined for a shutout in the baseball finals.

Their names are Tomlin, Miller, Shaw and Allen.

As often is the case, only I in almost complete obscurity, note their namesakes, one of each, have coached in NFL finals/title games/Super Bowls.

Mike Tomlin, still at it with Pittsburgh won a Supe in ’05, lost in another after the 2010 season.

Red Miller made, but lost the Super Bowl after the 1977 season.

Buck Shaw guided the Philadelphia Eagles to the 1960 NFL Title game win vs the Green Bay Packers. It was the only post-season game, legendary Packers’ coach vince Lombardi ever lost. (Bonus: pitcher, Vic Lombardi started 2 games for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1947 World Series).

Last but not least, George Allen made, but lost the Super Bowl after the 1972 season.




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