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About The Murrays

October 29, 2016

Before their game 3 win in this World Series, the last time the Cleveland Indians won a game 3 of the World Series was in 1995.

That night, a man named Murray, the quiet, often called sullen by the many babies in the sports media, Ed Murray, drove in the winning run.

I will take that type of “Murray” any day, compared to what I saw last night concerning celebrity, Bill Murray.

That Murray, for a long time, publicized as a big fan (try being a fan when you can not afford tickets and still go, to his credit not a Murray problem for at least three plus decades), talked of beer and then did a ridiculous rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

In days past I was home, and one year before the cable company greed and ridiculous blackouts in certain areas set in, I could watch the Cubs on WGN, their so called  superstation eminating from Chicago.

An original, Harry Caray, led the song and I kept tabs of the boring games, not as boring as most baseball now, but boring enough, to not miss Caray, in the daylight, sing the song.

Why did they not just let it go when Caray died? Also in their tributes to departed Cubs, they rightfully cite Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and I guess Caray, though he should be best known for his work with the St. Louis Cardinals, but leave out their great announcer Jack Brickhouse.

This can not end soon enough, it is almost as bad as this so called “election cycle,” no not really, but I surely could have lived without Bill Murray last night? Oh yes, was he not at the White House last week, doing a not so funny bit.

It is all related, they “dumbed us down,” myself included, and now look at US.



They took my T-Bird and “fun-fun-fun” away, many moons ago.



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