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More World Series Notes

October 28, 2016

It seems much was made of the fact that 24 of the last 28 teams to win game 1 of the World Series went on to win the title.

As noted here, the team with home advantage in the series has won 24 of the 30 World Series contested since the advent of the best of seven LCS in both major leagues in 1985.

Only one team in the previous 30 World Series has won the title sans home advantage and after losing game 1.

That team was the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays, who prevailed in six games winning the title on a Saturday night in Atlanta.

The last four teams to lose game 1 of the World Series on the road and win game 2 also on the road, eventually lost the World Series (the ’13 Cardinals, ’11 Rangers, ’97 Indians and ’93 Phillies).

Again it is the 1992 Blue Jays, who were the last to “defy” that pattern, riding Ed Sprague Jr.’s dramatic home run, to a game 2 win in Atlanta.





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