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I Just Could Not Watch Nor Listen To Game 2

October 27, 2016

There are many reasons that at 6:30 a.m. the next day I do not know which team won the first 7 p.m. Eastern Time start in World Series history, by the way, the decision to start earlier with rain in the forecast a rare case of my agreeing with the powers that be in major league baseball.

Joe Buck has too many of the bad habits, most notaly a behind the play, shortcut style of play by play his father Jack Buck, so often exhibited. Last night , (I watched 2 Cubs’ batters in the first inning), he got so excited on a ball, clearly to be foul.

In the glorious past, the 1965 World Series with greats Ray Scott and Vin Scully, you could count the times on one hand that during either game 5 or game 7 that the non play by play man spoke.

Surely John Smoltz knows far more technical baseball than I do, never mind specifically about pitching, but is it really necessary to hear, even know the non stop technical points he makes?

For the record in game 1 which I did watch and listen to, he compared Indians starter Corey Kluber to L.A. ‘s Clayton Kershaw in that in a certain situation, it was lights out for the hitter. The Cubs’ Ben Zobrist, one of the few players, I truly admire, promptly doubled.

It really hurts that again with additional reasons I have trouble watching the once glorious World Series. I will try harder to overcome the obstacles and watch the rest of the way.

Sadly, for many reasons it will not be easy.



When I think of the number 19, I want it to be the great John Unitas, pictured above, not the number of World Series on which Joe Buck has been the sole television lead announcer.

Nobody, not even Mel Allen who was on so many is even close, as remember the lead announcer duties were shared, during all the years, in which Mr. Allen broadcast.

Believe it or not, as with so many things in life, I must settle for the lesser of two evils, and at this point let Buck continue. Surely, whomever someday replaces him will be even further removed from what I might like.



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