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A “Good Set Of Notes”

October 25, 2016

It is 1974 and I am working as a delivery man (forgive me feminists) at a pharmacy. The owner, disappointed in his own son’s less than stellar grades (he was at Johns Hopkins University and is an attorney today) took too big an interest in mine.

His annoying but I guess well meaning refrain was regarding the importance of a “good set of notes.”

In memory of that time, just two sets of notes regarding the World Series. Speaking of the World Series, specifically the one in 1974, when the Oakland A’s beat “my” Dodgers in 5 games, the local pizza restaurant owner never forgave me for touting L.A. to win that series.

The previous 6 winners of Toronto Blue Jays involved ALCS, have gone on to win the subsequent World Series. The Cleveland Indians hope to be the seventh such team.

However, in 4 previous major sports league semi-finals pitting Chicago vs L.A. or its area, (Anaheim), the winner has gone on to win its sports’ title. The Chicago Cubs hope to be the fifth such team.

Quickly, the ’85 and 2015 Royals, ’89 A’s and ’91 Twins all won it all after “LCS-ing” the Jays. Toronto (Blue Jays) won in both of their World Series appearances.

The 1985 Chicago Bears after beating the L.A. Rams and the Chicago White Sox 20 years later after beating the Anaheim Angels each in their sports’ “semi,” won it all.

Ditto the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings, who after semi-ing each other, Chi victorious in ’13 and L.A. in ’14, when we had to endure Kenny Albert and not Mike Emrick on the game 7 call (I almost made it through a day without knocking an announcer. Alas not being as good as Emrick is no disgrace, not by a long shot) in successive seasons, went on to win The Stanley Cup.

Image result for broom

The broom pictured above is not there in hope of a World Series 4 game sweep but to remind me of my additional duty, as part of that 1974 job, which was sweeping the floor.

He probably was joking, as he worked 15 hours a day at that pharmacy he owned, but he often tried to increase my “sweeping efficiency/speed” by saying “come on Andy you’re killing my sex life.”

If he had time and energy for that after at least 16 to 17 hour days, I could speed it up a bit. Ah, memories!

Let’s close this day of 4 posts and notes with a song from earlier in 1974, possibly the year before. The first word is “memories.”

Click below to view Barbra Streisand sing  “The Way We Were” written by the great Marvin Hamlisch.


Barbra Streisand The Way We Were 1975






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