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I Was Wrong Regarding Alabama/Texas A&M

October 23, 2016

Unlike the fictional “Fonz,” played brilliantly by Henry Winkler, on the television show, “Happy Days,” I have no trouble admitting I was wrong.

My prediction of Texas A&M plus 18 points lost by one point, my over prediction by a decent amount more. I was wrong.

Yet as a viewer, I have the right to point out what is so annoying.

Next year I will wish Verne Lundquist, not “my cup of tea,” but certainly a distinguished veteran broadcaster, was still calling SEC games, when some abrasive newcomer takes his place.

However, Verne topped himself, intoning he goes deep more than once when it was far from the case. This was epitomized by saying “he goes deep,” on a 2 point conversion attempt.

Far worse, Gary Danielson, who knows the reality, started “boning” bettors (it was not the first time), when with the spread and certainly not the game on the line, he talked of how “good it would be,” for A&M, trailing by 19 points to get a touchdown. That is absurd as it would have been a lucky, “backdoor’ cover and the Aggies, no disgrace, were shown they could not move way up in class at Alabama. A touchdown meant nothing other than the spread!

Either have the “b—s,” to cite the spread, which is a big deal anywhere, but of colossal importance at schools in the South (a penalty vs Alabama with the game in the bag on the above referenced drive drew loud boos) or keep your mouth shut.

One, maybe two plays later, Danielson really made me sick talking of how the new rules, where a player is penalized for hitting an exposed receiver with his helmet has made “our game safer.”

I guess I deserve that for having the sound on and picking vs Alabama. Really do I? Do the viewers?!!



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