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Video, Comments, and Notes Regarding Pete Rose

October 22, 2016

There will be a link below that actually represents something good posted on Maybe the sun is out and I hear birds singing. Alas, let’s not get carried away but do enjoy the great Pete Rose talking about hitting with Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas.

In the video, Mr. Rose will reference a 5 hit performance, he achieved vs Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry on September 28, 1968.

Of course it is true, Rose has almost total recall of his career, another reason to admire him as he lived, ate and breathed baseball, as I once did.

His effort to achieve, the example he set, the belief in craft Mr.Rose exemplified, makes what non players, nowhere near perfect, “judge and jury,” purveyors of “absolute power,” which as Lord Acton famously said “corrupts absolutely,” entities like Bart Giamatti, Fay Vincent Bud Selig and Rob Manfred have done, in keeping Pete out of the Baseball Hall of Fame, ever more shameful.

Getting back into the “birds are singing” mode, if possible, in a future post I will talk about the five Hall of Fame players in that 9/28/1968 game, but alas, must also “descend” into the bad, but worthy anger regarding two associated with the game (obviously Pete is one, can you determine the other?), who are not in the no longer sacrosanct, Baseball Hall.

Click below

Did Pete Rose really go 5-for-5 off Gaylord Perry?




John Dalberg-Acton, better known as Lord Acton and his timeless quotation pictured and cited above.




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