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Notes Regarding The 1958 NFL Title Game, Both Mets’ Titles, New York/Baltimore And More

October 18, 2016

This past Sunday, 23 points was not enough for a Baltimore based team in a football game at the New York Giants. Final score Giants 27 BALTIMORE Ravens 23.

In not so arguably,pro football’s most important game, 23 points were enough to secure an overtime NFL title win for the Baltimore Colts on December 28, 1958.

Last Sunday also marked the 47th anniversary (where did the time go?!) of a New York team winning a title in a game vs a Baltimore team.

On October 16, 1969, the New York Mets won (5-3) to clinch the World Series in game 5 vs the Baltimore Orioles.

The Mets were a 100 win team that upset a 109 win Orioles’ team.

In that 1969 game and in their other title clinching win, in game 7 vs the Boston Red Sox in 1986, the Mets trailed (3-0) in what was their last possible Shea Stadium home game, in both seasons.

The Boston Red Sox title drought was extended to 68 years, after their horribly painful World Series loss in 1986.

They ended the drought at 86 years, (86 as in 1986), with a 2004 World Series win, managed by current Cleveland Indians’ manager, Terry Francona.

This season Francona and the Indians almost certainly will be in the World Series, where they hope to end, you guessed it, a 68 year title drought.










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