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Christopher Reeve “on” Tonight’s Dick Cavett Show airing on Decades

October 10, 2016

It is already pretty well publicized that Christopher Reeve was a truly good person, surely with faults as with all of us, and thus in light of his tragic demise, it might be difficult to watch him on a Dick Cavett Show, airing tonight at 8 p.m. on Decades.

Do not let that stop you, as it was a most revealing interview, conducted by a brilliant man with a near brilliant, so talented and knowledgeable interview subject.

Once when I was dating an outgoing woman, (call her “The Marching Girl,” which she did not like, but tolerated), she called to me from the top of a hill, with me sitting in my car, waiting for her seemingly endless shopping to cease (actually I did not mind it all that much then and certainly would not now, with that sentiment even more fervent, regarding my mother concerning that activity/sometimes necessity).

The “message” was that Christopher Reeve was at the top of that hill, and I should come meet him.

My comment to Mr. Reeve was not about his work, which I did admire so, but about the surprising 1989 Baltimore Orioles. He was so classy in responding in a positive way and so friendly to the people around him.

I do not know about “reasons” as in “I am sure God has them,” but Mr. Reeve’s intelligence, charm, insight and talent all on display, are all good reasons to watch The Dick Cavett Show, even if you stay up for the 2 a.m. airing of the show on Decades.



Christopher Reeve, pictured above.

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