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Cubs/Giants Series Prediction

October 7, 2016

Of course I would never give 13 to 5 odds that the (103-59) N.L. top seed, Chicago Cubs will win the upcoming best of five division series vs the ever dangerous, three straight even year titles (2016 is an even year) (87-75) S.F. Giants.

If S.F. gets as much as a split in “Chi” in the first two, they might become series favorites and certainly will be favorites in game 3, no matter how the series stands at that point, with Madison Bumgarner as their starting pitcher.

However with some historical precedent, and face it the Cubs should be decent sized favorites, I truly believe the Cubs will win this series.

I predict they will win the game 2 Bob Costas game (even Beano Cook,, who despised baseball after 1960, said hearing Costas in an old ballpark (surely Wrigley Field qualifies) was a delight), as they did with Costas filling in for Vin Scully, at Wrigley Field, against the Giants in game 2 of the 1989 NLCS.

Of course that was their only victory in that series.

I also believe the Cubs at (1-1) in the series, will win the Madison Bumgarner started game 3 tilt.

Do not “lay” it, maybe wait, if the Cubs are down (1-0) or even (1-1) and slight series “dogs” or slight favorites at (1-1), but I say the Cubs move on vs a great post-season team, but not a great team, the S.F. Giants.





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  1. I agree, but this even-numbered magic is somewhat concerning.

    • Of course it is now (1-0) Cubs, but as I stated in my post and thanks for your reply, I predict a Cubs’ win in the “Costas” game tonight and if not that result, a win despite Mr. Bumgarner, in game 3.

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