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Tonight’s Tilt Does Not Compare With Another Involving The Giants 65 Years Ago To The Day

October 5, 2016

Sixty five years ago to the day, not the date, the baseball Giants franchise was involved in a game, by plurality, if not consensus, the most famous of all baseball games, that decided the National League Pennant.

Please do not confuse tonight’s one game, winner to face a team with a 16 game better record, unfair division series, (S.F. Giants vs New York Mets) with the game October 3rd, 1951.

Then a sizzling pennant race culminated with a game ending, home run by Bobby Thomson.

The game tonight as with the one last night and the subsequent division series should not be played. That is not just my opinion, but also was the opinion of the late Bobby Thomson.



Don Mueller aka “Mandrake the Magician” for his hitting acumen, delivered a hit, as part of the Giants’ rally in the epic 1951 game. Brooklyn first baseman Gil Hodges was criticized for holding runner Alvin Dark on at first base. Mueller hit the ball for his ninth inning hit where Hodges, likely should have been playing.

50 years later, I stood interviewing Mr. Mueller and another interrupted but asked a good question regarding Hodges’ decision.

Mueller said “if he were playing there, I would have hit it some place else.” “Mandrake the Magician” indeed!

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