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Notes And Comments Toronto/Baltimore

October 5, 2016

Before I react to overstated comments in the aftermath of a Toronto Blue Jays’ win vs Baltimore (Orioles) that sets up another Toronto/Texas (Rangers) division series, some facts.

Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter has now lost in 4 of 5 definite last games of a post-season entity, thrice on the road in the last inning of the game.

The great hitter, Edgar Martinez, (those of you, who think I am an old traditionalist might be surprised I think Edgar, essentially only a designated hitter, belongs in the Baseball Hall, certainly more so than some of the clutch hitting “dogs” already wagging their tails there–no names), transformed a one run Yankees’ lead into a decisive 5th game Seattle Mariners’ win with a “none out” double, in the first year of the “dreck” known as division series, in 1995.

The New York Mets’ Todd Pratt led off the bottom of the 9th inning, of game 4 of the 1999 division series vs Showalter’s Arizona Diamondbacks, with a home run that lifted the Mets (2-1) in the game and (3-1) in the series.

Last night Edwin Encarnacion hit a ONE OUT, three run home run with runners at first and THIRD to give the Jays a (5-2) win vs Showalter’s Orioles. The other Showalter loss in a definite last/decisive game of a post-season entity, was as O’s manager to the Yankees in the 2012 division series. Showalter and the O’s did win the “B.S.” game at Texas, vs the Rangers, to advance to that series.

It is absurd to even think of comparing Encarnacion’s game ending home run, (all he and “Tor” needed was say, a long fly ball) which makes Toronto one of eight teams in a baseball tournament, with Joe Carter’s epic 3RHR, which transformed a Jays’ one run deficit in game 6 of the 1993 World Series, into a second straight title. Additionally Carter batted with runners on first and SECOND BASE and one out, a much different situation in terms of what was needed, than first and third, one out.

Yet the hype by so many in the media is comparing the two without any or little perspective. Of course it was a big hit by Encarnacion, the fact it was a home run was meaningless, unless you bet the runs’ line either way, but not in the same stratosphere of importance, as Carter’s.

Finally, and on this I am far less knowledgeable, and do not feel as strong, but are not ‘they’  a little or even much too critical of Showalter not using ace relief pitcher Zach Britton (by the way, an unproven commodity in post-season) as his O’s were the road team?



Carter’s home run was the “real thing,” Encarnacion’s while nice, a “brand x,” by comparison.

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