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Baseball Update, (Thankfully) No Extra Games

October 3, 2016

Cue the “Get Smart” theme, as Sunday was a victory for “CONTROL,” as baseball completely avoided any “KAOS,” (the non “Get Smart” spelling is chaos), as there will be no extra games this season.

The S.F. Giants  jumped early and often,  in Dodgers’ broadcasting legend’s Vin Scully’s last game, ripping L.A., rendering the St. Louis Cards’ win vs Pittsburgh meaningless and sending “S.F.” to Citi Field, for a game, at the New York Mets on Wednesday night.

The winner of that tilt will face the 104 win Chi Cubs, who “b’ teamed Cincy, with a 9th inning rally, to win a meaningless game, I believe a result, they will truly rue.

The Giants’ franchise on a Wednesday 65 years to the day, will face an elimination game in New York, as was the case 65 years and 2 days earlier, 65 years ago today (one day after the second day of Rosh Hashanah in 1951, which starts today this year, and whose 2 days in 1951 coincided/conflicted with the first two games of the Giants/Dodgers, unscheduled best 2 of 3, playoff for the National League Pennant) on October 3, 1951.

Then it capped an incredible pennant race and the Giants were home winners, vs the Brooklyn Dodgers, on Bobby Thomson’s three run home run, to gain World series entry.

Now the winner in a game between two wild card teams, albeit two dangerous ones, will be one of 8 teams, still remaining in the baseball tournament.

Both Baltimore (Orioles) and Toronto (Blue Jays) won on the final day of the regular season to set up a Baltimore at Toronto extra game, tomorrow night in Toronto.

Also on the final day, a Cleveland Indians win at K.C. vs the no longer World champion, Royals combined with the aforementioned  Toronto win in Boston, means Cleveland is the A.L. “2” seed and will have the home advantage, vs the Boston Red Sox in the tournament quarterfinals.


KC Beauty Academy,jpg

The “Royals’ Reign” is over And their season actual number of wins (82) went UNDER the projected total of 84 and a half. Still a title last year and a 7 game W.S. loss in 2014 are two accomplishments that the Royals can take great pride in achieving.

This is especially so, as they are a so called “small market” team.



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