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What about Dick Enberg?!

October 2, 2016

I have heard so much publicity about today being Vin Scully’s last game as a baseball broadcaster and far worse about this being Verne Lundquist’s last season as a football broadcaster.

What about Dick Enberg, who while no Scully on the local level, was certainly as good or better, certainly in sports other than baseball, on a national level.

Today’s tilt in Arizona will be Padres’ broadcaster, Enberg’s last game.

Certainly doing a number of “P-Pads” games on television is not how I will remember Enberg.

He was the host of the show “Sports Challenge’s.” His introduction was as “the voice of the Rams and Angels,” (Scully of course was broadcasting the Dodgers’ games and richly deserves much, in my opinion, not all of this unanimous, gushing praise. Another great, Chick Hearn was broadcasting the basketball Lakers at the same time and many years after (what an L.A. trio, but Hearn died while still active and there was nowhere near the attention paid Scully) and was a very good, albeit at times, “soft” (really reluctant to criticize) network football and basketball broadcaster.

Enberg was more than tolerable on network baseball, intoning “it is his day of the week” after a Monday, decisive 5th game of the NLCS, top of the ninth, solo home run by Rick Monday gave the Dodgers the lead which they held at Montreal vs the Expos.

Today I will certainly try to hear Scully’s last moments as Dodgers’ broadcaster but certainly hope to hear Mr. Enberg’s as well.



Dick Enberg, pictured above, retiring after today’s Padres/Diamondbacks game, was superb as the host of “Sports Challenge.”

Click below to view Enberg hosting “Sports Challenge.”

Sports Challenge (1972), 



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