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More Calendar Notes

October 1, 2016

The Dodgers are scheduled to open their division series/quarterfinal series, almost certainly in Washington, vs the Nationals on Friday October 7th, 6 days hence, of course, weather permitting.

Continuing our exact date/calendar notes, bad weather caused the Dodgers not to play a post-season game exactly 28 years earlier, when game 3 of their 1988 NLCS, at the New York Mets, had to be postponed.

If as scheduled, the Dodgers play again an almost certain road post-season game a week hence on Saturday October 8th, it will correspond with their game 3 loss at the Mets, exactly 28 years earlier.

After that game A.B. Giamatti, then the National League President and eventually the commissioner whose passion vs Pete Rose, is the biggest of many horrible reasons a truly great player is denied entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame, suspended Dodgers’ reliever Jay Howell.

That night on my cable television show, (the game was in the daytime), I spoke with Don Drysdale, the great L.A. pitcher and then in his first year as a Dodgers’ broadcaster, and among other things, he voiced some optimism about the Dodgers’ chances to win that NLCS, despite being down 2 games to 1.

L.A. is scheduled to be at home (Wash needs one of four of theirs or L.A.’s decisions, to go their way to secure home advantage, in their upcoming series vs L.A.) for game 3 of the division series on Monday October 10th.

This will correspond with the Dodgers’ game 5 win at Shea Stadium giving them a (3-2) series lead in a series they would eventually win in 7 games, en route to their last W.S. win to date, exactly 28 years earlier.




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