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Comments On What I Heard, Part 1

September 27, 2016

There are so many, I will “tone down” my comments and the quantity to I believe three.

Why, Troy Aikman was a 5 yard Eli Manning completed pass without the receiver going out of bounds, “a good start” to the Giants’ final drive in what was eventually a failed drive in a loss. It was not a “good start” with little yardage gained and the clock continuing to run (where does a clock go when it runs?).

In fairness, the Giants overcame that play and a subsequent penalty to get a first down before a “Wash” interception clinched the win for the now (1-2) Redskins, with the Giants dropping to (2-1), with no game in which they clearly covered the spread.

Aikman, who was a great quarterback, but a bit of a robot and certainly one who rarely overcame adversity to win games (again as a “QB” he was a true great, and the Dallas Cowboys’ teams he played on were so great he did not need to come from behind very often), certainly has a penchant toward “robotism” (not a word, but maybe soon to be one, is there a patent needed, as I hear they are taking over soon) as he time and again says the same thing.

Saying “a good start to the drive” is one he says over and again, even when it is not the case as happened on the Giants’ final possession last week.



Again Aikman was a great quarterback, but he is a bit of a robot. Are not those Dallas Cowboys’ colors that adorn the robot pictured above?

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