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A Great Dick Cavett Show Tonight And Recollections Of Great Catches

September 27, 2016

A truly good Dick Cavett Show awaits us tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time to be shown again at 2 a.m. on Decades.(“Do you know how to watch Decades?”)

It was Cavett’s last show in a summer series granted him by ABC. There are interesting pro and con letters he reads that would be relevant today, concerning the way people writing letters to shows feel.

It is hard to believe I waited to the third paragraph to tell you the sensational guests were Woody Allen and Ruth Gordon. Quick what, more precise who is the link between the two? Note Allen paying attention as Gordon talked. A surprise ends the show.

I knew it was September, 1969 not by checking it anywhere, but by virtue of the fact Allen noted his upcoming Sunday night show coincided with the most holy night of the Jewish Year (Kol Nidre preceding Yom Kippur), which I recall being Sunday September 21st in 1969.

In a win that  day, vs the defending Super Bowl champion, New York Jets, I recall the Denver Broncos’ Mike Haffner diving, to make one of the greatest touchdown catches, I have ever seen.

“Andy B” made a similar diving catch to win a game 10 months earlier, the day before Nebraska/Oklahoma, but it was in a touch football game that “my side” (in the often cruel world of choosing sides, I belonged in the middle. I learned a lesson, as so called captain in 5th grade and that is to make yourself and nobody else bat ninth)  won 5 touchdowns to 4. (3 complete passes were a first down.)

The Cavett Show airing tonight brings a similar and rare pleasure, true enjoyment!

Tomorrow I reveal “the link.” See if you get the answer while watching the show later today.



Dick Cavett, pictured above.

Below, you did not think I forgot that in that September 21, 1969 Broncos/Jets tilt in Denver that Jets’ punter Steve O’Neal had a record 98 yard punt. Of course unless rules change concerning recording plays or the field gets longer (each extremely unlikely) O’Neal’s record can not be broken. It can be tied, but that also is very unlikely! Click below to see O’Neal’s  punt.

Steve O’neal 98 yard punt















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