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Comments On Yesterday’s College Football

September 25, 2016

After a rather shady “no cover” victory in their CBS tilt at Mississippi, the week before, top ranked and defending champion, Alabama, a 44 point favorite, won (48-0) vs Kent State to raise their record to (4-0) and (3-1).

There is a comparison I could make involving Kent State and one sided outcomes, but one was tragic and unnecessary, this was greedy and surely unnecessary.

Elsewhere in college football, it was a surprise but not a big shock to me, that 3 touchdown underdog, Duke, won outright at now (1-3) Notre Dame.

Once the Notre Dame team is out of contention for the national title, those such as Beano Cook, who always took the “over” in Notre Dame season wins (he had his reasons), truly have worries. This year that is especially so, as the “over 9 wins investor” regarding Notre Dame needs the team to win all 8 remaining games. That will not happen!

Meanwhile, credit to Duke, of course known for its basketball prowess, (hopefully people realize that academics is what is really important and Duke excels in that department for sure) for a telling football victory.

If Beano were alive, he would be citing the fact that as with say a Northwestern, a school that won vs Duke earlier this season, it is hard for a great academic school like Duke to get “the material,” to win in big time college football. (Somehow under 5 time NCAA championship coach Mike Krzyzewski–I actually spelled his name without looking it up–they manage to do so in basketball).

One other thing, as Beano often told me, once dead he did not have to worry about Notre Dame or for that matter Penn State winning.

As it happens, big favorite Michigan ripped Penn State yesterday.

One result yesterday would have “bugged” Beano (pun intended), as North Carolina player, Bug Howard’s touchdown catch and the team’s subsequent extra point kick with 2 seconds left defeated  Beano’s team, Pittsburgh University.

However since “anti emotions” often run stronger in sports (sad) and life (often horrible) it is too bad Beano did not see yesterday’s college football or maybe he did. Surely, at this point, he realizes the games are not that important!



North Carolina receiver, Bug Howard pictured above.



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