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Baseball Notes And Comments

September 23, 2016

After taking on such issues as Vin Scully’s greatness and though in a minimum, fairly objective way, the horror concerning police shootings and resulting protests, I do not have the “strength” to fully argue vs the presence of the bogus wild card(s) in baseball.

Suffice to say, and I know what wild card presence supporters will say and I will leave my answer to it for another post, all six (that is two more than needed) division winners are known in baseball 2016.

A number thing, perhaps annoying, but at least not an opinion (I respect all points of view and know the rage a column/post can cause. Discussion in a reasonable manner is suggested and “blogger heal thyself” applies here, as often I go too far, or at the very least cite mistakes in not relevant circumstances) involving the two most recent division winning “claims,” the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The two franchises have met only once in World Series play and that was 100 years ago in 1916. Boston prevailed in 5 games,vs the then Brooklyn based team.

Someone still 4 years away from helping save baseball after the damage caused to it by the alleged “fixing” of the 1919 World Series (side note: nobody is suggesting, as might be inferred in my last post, such actions by the Cubs vs St. Louis or any other game. However, please consider that the presence of wild card teams has put an onus on division winners to play, say regulars in games after they clinched titles), with his incredible home run prowess, starred as a pitcher in the Boston win in 1916.

His name: the great, George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

Even he could not save baseball from the greedy, unnecessary implementation of the bogus wild card, which took away the excitement of a true pennant race, a great happening which made following the long, often boring, day to day action/ non action of a once great, but usually slow paced game, truly worthwhile.



Only in the 1916 baseball final, aka the World Series, have the Red Sox and Dodgers met in post-season play.

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