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Yankees/Red Sox 38 Years Later And Other Comments

September 18, 2016

So many years ago (38), that sadly, it did matter, then a bit earlier in September, as is the case this weekend, the New York Yankees journeyed to Boston, trailing the Red Sox in the A.L. East standings.

As is the case this year, games were played on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoon. Then the Sunday game was in the day as it should be, now in typical, boring fashion, it is on Sunday night.

In 1978, the Yankees ripped the Red Sox in all four games, to pull even in the A.L. East standings. There was no wild card presence.

The Yankees went on to win it all, but not before winning a game that can never take place again, a one game playoff for the right to move on winning an entity, sans the bogus “safety net” of a wild card presence.

So far in three games, the Red Sox, now likely one eighth A.L. East winners, have severely damaged what were already unlikely Yankees’ playoff aspirations, winning the first three games.

This year’s problem is not that I do not care, but the reasons why.

One is the presence of monolith, ESPN, a year away from its little noted birth birth, when the Yankees won in 1978. Now it is a monster, sports nuts as I once sadly was, created. They are without imagination, witness another Yankees/Red Sox Sunday night tilt tonight.

I have yet to confirm ESPN will televise a proposed “rib eating” contest between the Yankees and Red Sox, but if it is a Sunday night, do not bet against it.

Click below to view Bucky Dent’s key home run in the 1978 A.L. East one game, unscheduled playoff. Though it truly still hurts, credit to the fine broadcaster, Bill White on his call of Mr. Dent’s epic home run.


Bucky Dent’s HR in the AL East Playoff Game





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