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NFL Prediction(s) And Comments

September 18, 2016

Five NFL games in the soon to be upon us, second Sunday of NFL games, match (1-0) teams that covered the spread in their first game and are favored vs (0-1) teams, that did not cover the spread.

In four of them, “Hack” Giants, who in some circles did not cover in their (20-19) win at Dallas last week (the Giants won their second of what is incredibly, 4 Supe titles, I recall the Yale Bowl days and a 1-12-1 season, by that score in the 1990 season), vs the New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos/Indy Colts, Oakland Raiders/Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions/Tennessee Titans, the team listed first is (1-0) and playing at home.

That leaves just the (1-0) Baltimore Ravens, to me the old and still somewhat glorious Cleveland Browns, visiting the woeful expansion Cleveland Browns, who to this point have disgraced the Otto Graham, Jim Brown, Marion Motley forged legacy of Cleveland pro football, as a game where the (0-1) underdog is at home, vs a (1-0) team that covered in their first tilt.

I suggest small “investments” on the above underdogs, as well as the Rams plus 7 vs Seattle, in their return to L.A. regular season, return.

However, my one official prediction (watch most of the others win and this one not) is 5 plus point underdog Cleveland Browns 11 Baltimore Ravens 8, a high baseball score as though Indians/Orioles, which may happen in the upcoming baseball tournament, but an indication of a dull football game.



This is not the first and will not be the last time that the great coach Paul Brown, somehow omitted from ESPN’s list of sports’ TWENTY FIVE greatest coaches, will be pictured above.

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