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Nearly 50 Years Later, Thoughts On The Orioles, Dodgers, Low Scoring And The 1966 World Series

September 15, 2016

Yesterday, just three weeks shy of the exact fiftieth year anniversary of their World Series opener, also on a Wednesday, (October 5, 1966), both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles secured low scoring, road, shutout victories.

The low scoring is in keeping with the 1966 World Series especially on the part of that event’s losing team, the Dodgers.

In fact the two runs L.A. scored yesterday in a (2-0) win at New York vs the Yankees, that makes it very likely the Dodgers will face the Washington Nationals in the upcoming baseball tournament quarterfinals, equals their total for the entire ’66 W.S.

L.A. scored 2 runs before the third inning ended, in the Wednesday opener loss in 1966, before being blanked by relief pitcher Moe Drabowsky, the rest of the game.

Their scoring drought continued and in my next post, comments regarding the Orioles and Dodgers both then (1966 W.S.) and now as each team is at least a tournament contender.



Surely somewhere there was a headline: “Moe Mowed the Dodgers”  Oh did he, allowing but one hit and fanning 11 in 6 and two thirds brilliant innings of relief pitching that set the tone for L.”A.” doom.



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