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Watch “The Bob Newhart Show,” This Weekend’s Decades Binge

September 11, 2016

I really look forward to both sleep and watching the fabulous Bob Newhart Show as this week’s Decades binge.

No Tom Brady in a most unfair manner, no football for me.

Substitute with anything but The Bob Newhart Show with Bob’s classic low key humor and a cast that includes the classy Suzanne Pleshette as Bob’s wife, Emily Hartley, (Newhart is Bob Hartley, a Chicago psychologist) is a great choice.

Then as though Chinese cuisine, also a good choice on this day, so many good choices in the rest of the cast.

From “Column A” aka Bob’s home life, the fabulous Bill Daily as pilot “Howard Borden,” always dropping in on the Hartleys, long before the “Kramer” character based on real life Kenny Kramer, did the same on “Seinfeld.”

There are so many good choices from call it “Column B” aka Bob’s work life but I choose Marcia Wallace, who played Bob’s receptionist named Carol.



Bob Newhart and another fabulous talent, Jack Riley (he brilliantly played Elliott Carlin, a member of Bob Hartley’ therapy group) pictured left to right above.

Carlin is a great comedic name as George Carlin ranks among the greats in the field.



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