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AFC East And Their “Corresponding” Baseball

September 8, 2016

The other AFC East teams/cities with their corresponding baseball teams.

The New York Jets’ corresponding team, the New York Mets surely are now favored to make the baseball tournament after a (14-4) stretch that has them virtually ahead, in a race with two other teams for two tournament spots.

Meanwhile the Miami Dolphins’ season almost always a bigger deal than the baseball Marlins will be again this year.

A sad refrain, as I was about to cite the Don Mattingly always finding the losing dugout” quote from a man who knew, last week after three Marlins’ losses at New York vs the Mets.

Since then, a “salvage” win there, but 5 ¬†consecutive losses and a likely, meaningless win yesterday. It is not to be, for the Mattingly managed Marlins.

Baseball in Buffalo, the home of the Bills, is most famous for the fact the movie, “The Natural” based on but not truly faithful to Bernard Malamud’s book, was filmed at the old War Memorial Stadium there.

Throughout the weekend posts on 1966 shows beginning. The same calendar as 50 years later, and the first day of 1967 at War Memorial Stadium, the first Super Bowl entrant manifested.




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