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The Mets, With Help, Are True Tournament Contenders

September 7, 2016

The New York Mets owe the Cincinnati Reds and yes Washington Nationals’ manager Dusty Baker, some big thanks, as they are right in the thick of tournament qualification contention.

They also might add a thanks to those responsible for getting Jose Reyes, a key contributor, in the current Mets’ (14-4) run, back in baseball and to the Mets.

New York finished the season (6-0) vs the Reds and somewhat incredibly swept them in each of the past two seasons in winning 14 straight games head to head, dating back to 2014.

Meanwhile Cincy helped the Mets by recently taking 2 of 3 games from the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mr. Baker, certainly deserving of praise for a very likely one eighth division title with a fourth different team, gave the Mets an “on paper’ break, that already has manifested in a “standings” break by not pitching Max Scherzer in the recent series finale.

In pitching Scherzer a day later vs “powerful’ Atlanta (Braves), Baker, it now appears has made it so the Mets will also not face Scherzer, when the teams meet again next week in “Wash.”

Complaint department fielding calls from St. Louis and San Francisco.




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