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NFC East And “Corresponding” Baseball Continued

September 5, 2016

In a continuation of where the “corresponding” baseball teams to the NFC East football teams stand, the football division has a second almost certain divisional winner in the Washington Redskins’ counterparts, the Washington Nationals.

One team/city that will certainly not have a counterpart baseball team in the baseball tournament is Philadelphia. The Eagles start Sunday, with full knowledge the baseball Phillies, although improved to this point, will not be in the baseball tournament.

The final NFC East football/baseball tandem involves two glory teams, the most glorious of all the baseball New York Yankees and the football Giants.

You cancall them New York or New Jersey,  but call them an all-time “value team,” with 3 close Super Bowl wins, achieved with an aggregate 7 excruciating playoff game wins, including those 3 Supe wins.

A fourth Supe crown was won by a dominant 1986 team. As stated here before, their coach, the revered, especially by the likes of Mike Lupica, who seems to always go with the NY sizzle, Bill “Willie Boy” Parcells looked the other way, regarding football great Lawrence Taylor’s problem with drugs and alcohol. It seems Taylor was in the news the other day, “oh boy!”

In a variation of the above referenced, classic Beatles’ song, “having read the book,” I refuse to look!”

Off my soapbox—this year’s Yankees are still in tournament contention, but unlike the other NY baseball team, the Mets, are facing tougher competition toward that goal.



“Crazed dogs” indeed.

Click below to view a video of “A Day In The Life” by The Beatles.

The Beatles – A Day In The Life




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