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Watching Johnny Carson On Antenna TV

September 2, 2016

Another excellent Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson aired last night on Antenna T.V.

Mr. Carson’s guests, in the early 1980’s show were the great playwright, Neil Simon, Joe Garagiola and in his first Tonight Show appearance a young comedian named Bill Maher.

Garagiola, a former catcher and then a television personality and baseball broadcaster, talked of how Hall of Fame pitcher, Gaylord Perry essentially succeeded at hiding the machinations of throwing the “illegal” spitball pitch.

There will be more on the above referenced, Tonight Show in a future post.


Comedian Johnny Carson, the king of U.S. late-night television as host of NBC's 'The Tonight Show' for nearly 30 years -- and the last face millions of Americans saw before drifting off to sleep -- died on January 23, 2005 at age 79. Carson's topical opening monologues and on-air banter with sidekick Ed McMahon and bandleader Doc Severinsen made his show a cultural touchstone, and his death saddened many in Hollywood who got their first big break on the program. Carson is shown on the "Tonight Show" in an undated photo.  REUTERS/NBC NO SALES

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