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Recalling The (1969-1971) Baltimore Orioles And (1988-1990) Oakland A’s

August 30, 2016

The last two teams in the discussion of 3 straight league pennant winners had similar records but I feel one was discernibly better than the other.

Yet each of them was a truly excellent team that underachieved, perhaps in winning just one of the three World Series it entered during the 3 straight pennant seasons.

I believe the Baltimore Orioles, who won 3 straight American League titles from (1969-1971) were discernibly better than the Oakland A’s teams that won the A.L. flag from (1988-1990).

Each team lost, then won and  lost in World Series play, however the Orioles’ loss in their third straight W.S. appearance to the Roberto Clemente and Steve Blass led Pittsburgh Pirates, was in a tough 7 game series, while the Cincinnati Reds, a big underdog swept the A’s in Oakland’s third straight World Series appearance in 1990.



The great Orioles’ third baseman, Brooks Robinson pictured above. I believe the above picture was taken in the final inning of the 1970 World Series aka “The Brooks Robinson Series.”  Brooks made another great play, this one, again I believe, on a smash by the superb Reds’ catcher, John Bench.



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