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The Hype For Sanchez Types Will Always Be

August 27, 2016

I will do the latest phenom, Gary Sanchez a favor and point out that many before him had these type streaks in the early going of their major league careers.

So many of them never had much of a career, some at best achieved  mediocrity as a major league player.

This player, Sanchez, may not be Kevin Maas or Frank Tepedino. (So many others sorry to Kevin and Frank but alas you guys played in the big leagues!)  Those two played and deserve credit but surely fell short of their expected glory.

It is the “Mikes” such as Lupica, Kay, Francesa and others who have mikes/forums and always seem to jump the gun that are to blame. That they are so often wrong and never held accountable and that is what bothers me, not Gary Sanchez.



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