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32 Over .500 Cubs, Are Just One Of Eight

August 13, 2016

The Chicago Cubs are 32 games over.500, have a 14 game lead in the N.L. Central and now most relevant, I suppose, a 6 and a half game lead for the N.L. top seed.

They can win 116 games, which the 1906 version of the Cubs did and not have the home advantage in the World Series. That was decided in an exhibition game, thank you Bud Selig.

The former commissioner Selig, the current one someone named Manfred (Rob is his first name, baseball under him is such a far cry from its best days and not so arguably best, at least dramatic day (due respect to Brooklyn Dodgers’ associations, when Don Mueller, aka “Mandrake the Magician,” was instrumental in the 1951 pennant race conclusion) join two other sports league czars, that are actually even more lacking in integrity.

They are Adam Silver (he suspended a key player “keying” a title for Cleveland, they might otherwise not have won) and Roger Goodell. (he is so lacking in integrity, that he makes the others look tame by comparison–I will address that and the horrible suspension of Tom Brady in a future post).

When a hard driving, David Stern disciple, like Gary Bettman is by far the best of the lot, heaven help sports in this country. Guess what it will not!



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