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From Here/ Montgomery Clift To Frank Deford Via Baltimore And Other Thoughts

August 6, 2016

After watching Montgomery Clift’s great performance in the 1948 film, “The Search,”  two movies with Clift and “river” in the title, “Red River” and “Wild River” are shown as TCM airs some of Clift’s films all day, this day.

However, it is on a lake, at least a studio, if not real version thereof, that Clift, as a social climber “George Eastman”  in “A Day In The Sun,” cements his meteoric climb, when in love with Elizabeth Taylor’s “Angela Vickers,” he does away with Shelly Winters’ “Alice Tripp.”

In “The Search” Clift’s character is from Baltimore, Maryland, called by his character “the best and most clean city in America.”

Ten years later in 1958, led by John Unitas the Baltimore Colts NFL title gave that city a pride with victory, that still resonates in such Baltimore figures as author, Frank Deford today.

I am still reading and savoring Mr. Deford’s book “I’d Know That Voice Anywhere,” a truly fabulous collection of Mr. Deford’s commentaries on NPR (National Public Radio.)



Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr (pronounced car as in star) in a classic love scene, pictured above.

Click below to buy Frank Deford’s great book, “I’d Know That Voice Anywhere.”

I’d Know That Voice Anywhere. –


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