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A Great Tonight Show (April 1980) Aired On Antenna T.V.

August 1, 2016

Last night on Antenna TV, another great episode of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson aired.

A few weeks back in a show that aired in 1974, Carson and the great comedienne, Joan Rivers stated their great respect, if not love for each other.

Rivers, who acknowledged Carson’s contribution to her career despite the fact they stopped talking to each other, credited John for her start and Mr. Carson, in turn praised her work, “knowing she would be a star.”

The show that aired last night, from April 3, 1980 (I knew it was a Thursday before Carson cited that fact in a typical, “some jokes worked, others did not,” monologue) also included John reminiscing about Joan’s first appearance, even as Real People’s Byron Allen, surely one who did not reach Joan’s stratosphere, made his first Tonight Show appearance.

Coincidentally and perhaps eerily in a discussion of Joan’s fur, the words fox and Edgar, Joan’s husband were mentioned together.

Alas the dispute between the great talents, John and Joan concerned the Fox Network and perhaps now all three, John, Joan and Joan’s husband Edgar Rosenberg are communicating the sadness inherent in stopped friendships/associations caused by bitter anger and stubborn behavior.



While Mr. Allen did not come close to Ms. Rivers success as a performer (few have) he is enormously wealthy as a producer. I will trade bank accounts and kudos to you, another Allen, who made it in “show biz.”

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