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Notes You Likely Could Only Read Here Part 1

July 31, 2016

“Measuring” the major league baseball and NBA seasons as the year of baseball (example for now 2015) and the NBA as (example for now 2015-2016), this is just the second time in 68 possibilities (the NBA just completed its 70th season, meaning 69 times a team lost the previous year’s NBA final and the next season was completed while baseball had no World Series in 1994) that the previous year’s finals loser reigns as champion, in both baseball and the NBA.

In 2014 and 2014-2015 respectively, both current champions baseball’s Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in its league’s final series.

The only other time this occurred was 1958 and 1958-1959, when two great “dynasty ” franchises, the New York Yankees and Boston Celtics won crowns, after losing in the finals in the previous season.



The great player, Bob Pettit is pictured above. I usually do not cite records to build a “case” but so few people recognize or even know that Pettit’s 50 points in the game 6 1958 NBA finals clincher for the St. Louis Hawks vs the great Boston Celtics, are the most ever scored in an NBA title clinching game.

Relevant to this post with part 2 “arriving” later today, and further illustrating Pettit’s great game and overall playing greatness, is the fact the Celtics, after losing in the NBA finals in 1958, won the next 8 NBA crowns (1958-1959)-(1965-1966).

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