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Books Hit The Mark, Maybe I Do As Well, Regarding Olympic Basketball

July 29, 2016

On another occasion, (guess this one), I will tell you how much I oppose the pro players being on the U.S. Olympic basketball team (I know other countries do so but when the U.S. does so it essentially eliminates competition, which along with the occasional comradery among Olympians from different bordered (there is that word!) entities, is one of the few good things about the Olympics in my not so humble and perhaps not so informed opinion).

For now in two tune up games vs China, which face it wins a more meaningful contest regarding education and disciplined motivation still though without our freedoms, the big winners were the sports books.

Of course the U.S. team can name the score and instead of Jane, Joe or Kardashian (think other countries waste time on the latter and countless other similar mind numbing stuff) it named 49 and 50 points in the two “wins” vs China.

Odd(s) that the line was 49 and a half and 50 and a half in the two games. For the record and now that “record” is not hard to find, the U.S. team is minus 46 vs Venezuela tonight.

In my opinion the whole “sham” which in an exponentially less harmful way, smacks of Reagan’s “war” vs Granada, is minus much more than that.



Joe Louis fought at times opponents called the “bum of the month”—I believe the basketball is less competitive, after all there could always be a “lucky punch.”

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