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A Chance Meeting Inspires Thoughts About Morris Crute

July 16, 2016

The name on the man’s badge was familiar and somewhat unusual.

It was Crute and I asked the man if he was related to Morris Crute.

Morris Crute led Yonkers High School to a basketball crown in 1973.

Mr. Crute also hit a “Jerry West” type, long, desperation shot to tie a post-season game.

In West’s case it was in the third game of the 1970 NBA Finals but his team lost both the game and the series.

Crute’s shot was in a must win game for Yonkers High and they went on to stop a great high school player, college title winner with Marquette and NBA finalist, Bernard Toone, in their title win.


The ball falls through the net as a Malaysian player mark points against Thailand during the women basketball preleminary round games at the 26th Southeast Asian Games (SEAGAMES) in Jakarta on November 16, 2011. Philippines won 103-69. AFP PHOTO / HOANG DINH Nam (Photo credit should read HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)

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  1. Bill Aulet permalink

    Well, was it Morris and what is he doing now? I was at that game too at the Westchester County Center. Truly a great game and the stuff of legends. As I recall in the paper afterwards, the reporter ask what was Morris thinking and did he feel pressure to get it off at the right time and he was a bit confused and said, “someone yelled shoot and I did.” And that is how the great (and he was the best high school basketball player I ever saw and I saw a lot including Patrick Ewing and many, many more) went down. Andre Battle was in that team too. Unbelievable memories of those games. What high school did you go to Andy?

    • Hi Bill

      I was there as well. I hope to again post a part two but did so in July of 2016 and I think you can find it. Please stay in touch. For “you only,” it was Morris’ nephew and Morris is doing fine.

      I asked the younger Mr. Crute if Morris talks about his great shot and more telling, his great play. The young man brought levity to an otherwise tough situation/life when he answered “every day!”

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