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“Even Year” San Francisco Giants Are the Regular Season Giants To This Point

July 9, 2016

The San Francisco Giants are about to win a home game vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. They did win the game.

Their record the best in baseball at this point will be (56-33).

San Francisco has won the last 3 “even year” baseball titles but never had the best record which of course means nothing if you win it all.

They almost certainly will be in the baseball tournament, very likely one of the last 8 teams maybe even with the best record.

Do not bet against them, actually depending on the odds do so. The odds are they will not title but depending on who wins the All-Star Game this Tuesday, at this point the Giants have as good a chance to win it all as any team.



First of all, I like the Giants and would be happy if they win it all.

However, even year stuff aside, anyone want to bet me EVEN, I say the Giants do NOT win the 2016 World Series.

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