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Do Not Think It Will Be, But Hope It Is The Royals Again

June 24, 2016

While the A.L. Central is still wide open and of course the defending world champion Kansas City Royals are surely in the race, I just “know” they are not “the team to beat” as writer Tim Kurkjian wrote last week.

Now, not because they lost two and a half games since (though that certainly helps my point of view), but because I feel they do not have the often “all important” intangibles, it is my conjecture the Royals will not win the A.L. Central this season.

By the way, I hope that I am wrong but while I do not have the distaste for the Indians, I had (the past tense applies because sans PEY(ton) Manning I like Denver and now that the Cavs with “Jumping” James won a title, let them win more) for the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Cavaliers, as I felt with them and warned correctly–look out for the Cleveland Indians.



The comedy greats, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello pictured above. Costello is closer to the camera, “batting” left handed.

Truth be told I was recalling an episode on their television show on which Costello was asked “how are the Indians doing” and the woman asking surprised Costello saying she meant the Cleveland Indians. By the way they are doing fine at this moment in time.

Click below for as Bullwinkle and/or Rocky would say “something, (regarding the Cleveland Indians), you will really like.


Abbott and Costello on Feller – YouTube


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