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If Only Joe Tait Still Broadcast Cavs’ Games

June 21, 2016

One thing is for sure had the great Joe Tait, for so long the voice of the team and until LeBron James, easily the most popular figure in team history, still been broadcasting Cavaliers’ games, the title clincher would have been greatly enhanced.

I will include a link to an article about Joe’s reaction to the Cavs’ title written by the fine writer, Terry Pluto in “The Cleveland Plain Dealer.”

No matter whether the Cavs were good or bad, I tuned into Tait’s broadcasts because he was a sensational, on the play, give the score and time, no bull, no analyst broadcaster.

He told me I had basketball play by play talent. No finer praise.

It is eery that when Michael Kay saw the letter of recommendation, Joe wrote, he said “that’s quite a letter from Joe Tait.”

Sour grapes for sure, but at my worst I can call a game far better than Kay (thank goodness he has only attempted baseball and to his credit, at least commercially succeeded) and most NBA radio play by play guys.

What is sad is not that I am not a broadcaster, but that when I tune in, there is such a paucity, if any good radio play by play announcers today.


joe tait

The great announcer and man, Joe Tait pictured above.

There is a book about and/or by/with Joe Pepitone titled “Joe You Coulda Made Us Proud.” Mr. Pepitone did display his fine talent in the big leagues.

I say regarding me– Joe (Tait) “I could have made you proud of me.” Alas you know about “what might have been” and where it ranks among sad phrases in the English language.

However, the pleasure of hearing your broadcasts and the gracious way you always had time to talk and your praise are never to be forgotten treasures. I hope you and your wife get well soon.

Click below for Terry Pluto’s article about Joe Tait’s reaction to the Cavs’ title.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers broadcaster Joe Tait enjoys his old team winning title as he battles cancer — Terry Pluto


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