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More Sunday Playoff Notes

June 20, 2016

All 4 major North american sports league titles were secured by game underdog teams winning on Sundays in 205-2016. Three did so on the road.

Of course, the Super Bowl at a neutral site, was played on a Sunday, with underdog Denver (Broncos) beating the Carolina Panthers.

The other three titles, none of which of course had to be clinched on a Sunday were, all by road underdogs, in an increasing number of games.

The K.C. Royals, who coincidentally are returning for a series at the Mets, starting tomorrow, won at the Mets’ corporate named field to title in 5 games, in last year’s World Series.

Last Sunday, the Pittsburgh Penguins were underdogs in their game 6 win at San Jose (Sharks), that clinched their 4th Stanley Cup, all won on the road.

Now the Cavaliers win as underdogs on the road in game 7, among other things kept the Warriors from clinching a “Bay Area” NBA title at home for the first time. Their 2 such titles were clinched on the road.



Cartoon character, “Underdog” pictured above.

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