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June 9, 2016

Chuck Esposito (a great hockey name with Phil and Tony Esposito) of Sunset Sports Book erred in saying the NHL Western Conference had won 5 straight Stanley Cup finals series entering the current one.

In fact, they have won 4 straight.

Also Mr. Esposito the (Pittsburgh) Penguins are close to 9 to 5 favorites in tonight’s game a significant difference than the about 7 to 5 odds you quoted.

Finally though one would have to give 13 to 1 odds on the Penguins winning the series at this point, one only gets 9 to 1 odds on the long shot chance San Jose (Sharks) comes back to “title.”

Thus it is incorrect to call Pittsburgh a 13 to 1 favorite or at least if that is the parlance, state the true what is called “man to man” odds which are are 11 to 1.

How Much Action on Game 5? |

Click above to hear Mr. Esposito, on what seems a good site



Phil Esposito, a truly great hockey player, won two Stanley Cup titles as a player for the Boston Bruins. “Espo” also played for the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers and is a long time commentator on Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts.

Last season the Lightning beat one of Espo’s former teams, the Rangers in the “semis” but lost to another, the Blackhawks in the finals.

The Lightning won it all in 2004 and after Esposito’s former team which titled with him twice, the Bruins, beat the Lightning in the 2011 semi-finals, they won the finals. (that was the last Eastern Conference finals win but 2012-2015 adds up to 4 not 5).

That was the first Bruins’ Cup since the second with Espo, the great Bobby Orr and company won on a Thursday in 1972. Maybe the Penguins, who beat the Lightning in this year’s “semis” will win a Cup, clinching it on a Thursday, tonight.




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