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More Pittsburgh Sports Notes

June 8, 2016

The Pirates, as stated here yesterday rewarded or at least did the “non greedy” thing yesterday, by not having separate admissions for their doubleheader vs the New York Mets.

Yesterday I “talked” of the good sports karma in Pittsburgh right now and then the ( 32-26) Pirates went out and won both games against the (31-26 ) Mets.

Tomorrow night, the NHL Penguins are 3 to 2 favorites to clinch a home sports title in Pittsburgh for the first time since the Pirates did so by winning game 7 of the 1960 World Series, also played on a Thursday.

Mike Emrick, again one of the few announcers working today worthy of real praise, did note the 11 titles by Pittsburgh, none clinched at home since 1960.

However, only I note or likely will note, that tomorrow is the first opportunity for a Pittsburgh team to do so since game 7 in 1960 (the Pirates failed to clinch that World Series at home in game 6).

Certainly nobody will note that as with the potential clincher tomorrow night, the game is on a Thursday. Also for the record that night in 1960, the World Series game ended in the glorious day time, then Senator John F. Kennedy and U.S. Vice President, Richard Nixon engaged in their third and final presidential debate.



I was going to write if you do not know the two men pictured above then as Casey Stengel or my mother would have said, “look it up.”

However, perhaps symbolically John F. Kennedy is on the left, Richard M. Nixon is on the right. The opposing candidates both started their careers in the United States Senate in 1946 and were for the most part, friends.

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